An Unfurling Emptiness

Every mind is like this: patterns, faces, surfaces and dreams. We recombine these things in different ways and while we might all arrive in different places and by different paths or idioms of cultural and linguistic orientation – it is fundamentally the same process that we are all engaged in.

We all spend our lives fascinated by effervescent difference and every sparkling salience of information or patterned symmetry but in all this diversity and logical depth we miss the actual fact and truth that underlies everything. It is not the things and places and people or faces which are being recreated, recombined, renewed, discovered or forgotten; it is the underlying process of an autonomously self-propagating recursion that is unfolding here. The base class and foundational symmetry of our world is the self-replicating and exponentiated process of self-replication itself and every thought, experience, fact and moment is nothing more than this mysterious emptiness unfurling itself across (and as) the Cosmos.

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