The Extra-Dimensional Abstractions of Religion in Art

The dancing rhythm and flow of colour and form, the interdependent harmonies of narrative and depth: the presence of Christ (here) is that third perspectival point that inflates, shapes and guides another extra-dimensional space and geometry of psychology, perception and projection. Rubens cultivates a representational gravitational node that here manifests in a recursively self-propagating representational encoding and distributed genomics of a concept, a culture and a religion of Christ.

The artist understood that the supernatural was never “beyond” – such a manufactured difference and distance are merely the economy and currency of transient political, worldly, temporal power. Rubens brings the extra-dimensional into this world and in so doing, raises us all up to meet it.

Reading cultural artefacts is as creative as are these material facts and records of creativity themselves, or it is nothing. Perhaps, and at a philosophical level, it is also nothing.

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