Selfless Love and Paradoxical Emptiness

The presence of absence, of difference and that distance by which perception and experience are even made possible is that mystery which we might aspirationally identify or at the very least interpret as love. Romantic love between two human beings, or platonic and selfless compassion from one person directed to the whole world, is in this way a core psychological symmetry that is always already presupposed (and preempted) by the logical discontinuity that inflates all being, that propagates itself in, through and as reality, that infuses all becoming and all memory, retrospect or temporal experience with direction, meaning and purpose.

It may sound pretentious, but it is (and remains) an unprovable truth of paradoxical self-containment; not least when that Self is both the Unity between differentiated, individuated minds and also the vacuum and void that propels and orients each of them to seek it.

Artist unknown.

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