Fractal Fire and Microcosm

We rarely perceive that each action, experience and event is always in some way a microcosm, deeply entangled with (and symptomatic of) a much broader and more complex world.  In each notionally separate event, entity or artefact we might seek to discover a Global truth hidden, encrypted, but still standing there in plain sight.

Selfish Blind-Spot

What to say when the central factor obscuring self-knowledge and all aspirations towards peace, unity, equitable prosperity and a long-term, sustainable global civilisation is standing right there in plain sight? The psychological blind-spot in our collective vision is our Self.

Levelling-Up in the Civilisation Game

It is a little hard not to feel somewhat dispossessed and saddened by the arc of catastrophe that human history traces in time. There is some essential adversarial turn in psychology and nature that provides and requires the entropy from which new forms of thought and life are able to emerge. We come to depend…

Disassembling Global Order

We can't have peace because we are unable to precisely and concisely define and sustain the conditions of assurance, continuity and coherence which could provide that peace within a contemporary, shared conceptual framework...