Life is Reason Without Meaning

The raison d’etre of all creation is reproduction but, as is so often the case, the naked fact(s) and essential truth of this matter is right there, unadorned, in front of us – too obvious to be seen. The Cosmos is a magnificently self-inflected logical shockwave of difference and differentiation, of information and energy – the underlying (and yet – overt) symmetry is not that of “mere” reproduction, of replication. The indefinitely-extensible process at work here, and in all instances and manifestations, is the recursively and hyper-inflating expansion of a referential, combinatorial space tracing an arc of the exponentiated replication of the process of replication itself. We should not be so surprised that our shadow-life and logical complement of existentially-threatening information replicators return to haunt us so – at the deepest level they precisely are us, and we them.

Life is reason without meaning.

Sculpture by Han Hsu Tung.

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