Concepts of Truth and a Philosophy of Freedom

Concepts of truth have been debated for at least the last several thousand years – across cultures, times and places and as a matter of Philosophy (which as an intellectual endeavour itself far outshines the dissociative political metrics into which fact and falsehood are rendered in our fractured contemporary context). The provision of value in a post-pandemic world is most usefully framed by not asserting dominance or control of those truths, of sidestepping or aspirationally and preemptively disassembling prefabricated regimes and paradigms of truth or interpretation, and by providing the methods and the models by which facts can be effectively developed and enhanced or organically cultivated by those who seek a “better” way of negotiating the irreducible, intransigent complexities of this world.

Truth has ever andandbeenv aslways been a moving target and not so much as an endemic matter of sparring intellects, adversarial tribalism or political self-interest.  New approaches to truth and innovative methods of problem-solving must surely be dynamic, adaptive and disengaged from the dragging anchors of normative, conventional wisdom(s).

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