Hypernormalisation: the truth that conceals that there is none?

Dissimulation is the truth that conceals that there is no truth.

Context: HyperNormalisation…

HyperNormalisation is a yearning for simplicity, certainty and knowing — a fake simple world — in a world of complexity and uncertainty — a complex real world.
Richard Schutte

There are resonances here with Jean Baudrillard’s conceptually-labyrinthine Simulacra and Simulation; a conversation regarding that dissimulation which never conceals the truth, but is rather – “the truth which conceals that there is none”. Hypernormalisation is in many ways the acceptance of a superficial interpretation and self-validating projection of “Reality” as being a (or the) truth while persuading us to passively suspend disbelief in the falsity of the (actual, underlying and less than rosy) truth with which we are *not presented.

There might be some interesting reflections on Pierre Bourdieu’s Habitus here, to which I would add a good three-quarter dose of Michel Foucault’s interpretation (and simultaneously – inevitable projection) of Knowledge and Power. The diverse social and political systems through which we exist, by which we acquire and store a psychologically-reflexive cultural presence and value or purposefully adapt to the requisite behavioural and cognitive grammar(s) of an era are also the hyper-realities and normative abstractions or manifest image(s) by which we consume that symbolic world with which we are presented.

All political life is necessarily a narrative dissimulation of truth.

Cosmetic art and illusion by Dain Yoon.

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