Interpersonal Personality

Interpersonal relationships are in general rendered enigmatic and intractable by the fact(s) of our dual existence as both material and mental creatures. In many ways, the dissonance and dissociative friction that often emerges between people is really only a microcosm of that inverse symmetry and self-inflected relationship we have with (and within) ourselves. While there are in no sense concrete or substantive arbitrary boundaries between individuated persons and the extended psychological, social and cultural matrices within which they exist, we would do as well in aspiring to solve the many problems of our world to look within and there, in uncovering the perhaps irreducible ontological symmetries of Self and Other, to find purchase or foothold upon which to aspire to heal the world.

There is no problem of our world that has not at some time been a problem of our mind and in our minds we should go too seek resolution. If nothing else, all of our loves and romances may run more smoothly but in the longer-term, psychoanalysis of Self is always analysis of Self as World and Other.

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