Why Venture Capital Does Not Deliver

Context: Why venture capital doesn’t build the things we really need

The aesthetics of commercial self-interest and valourisation of accelerated profit making (and taking) detached itself some time ago – and in many if not most instances – from the functional utility of providing what is actually needed. The selection mechanisms in place work extremely well at producing precisely the wrong results, the wrong product. This is a distributed, logical problem that doesn’t fall under the scope of an econometric of invisible hands and self-correcting systems and is thus rendered partially opaque to itself.

It might be asked of the extent to which the production (and reproduction) of erroneous but efficient results by any autonomously self-propagating and optimally-concise algorithmic system – such as socioeconomic metabolisms are – is a necessary property in the cultivation of value.

The injection of entropy as dissonance appears to be an inevitable (logically prescribed) consequence of any non-trivially sophisticated complex system and as matter of an inadvertent or autonomous aspiration towards sustainable continuity. Ergo, investment (here) traces the arcs of a rationale and algorithmic framework that asserts and recursively reproduces that difference and dissonance by which value (as information, entropy, distance from needs) is cultivated.

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