Robotic Stars: Virtualising Everything

Context: This AI Robot Just Nabbed the Lead Role in a Sci-Fi Movie

Dissimulated truths (here, as robotic self-representation) are perhaps always more compelling (if disconcerting) than unproblematically verifiable or “real” ones. Where a truth (or representation) is introduced as an overtly plausible fake, it is the slippery slope and unravelling, accelerating diffusion of value in the human which is actually at work here.

Expect to see the slow, creeping replacement of actual actors with CGI or androids in a drift towards an inevitable closure of the commercial imperative and drivers. It may actually and eventually become more cost-effective (i.e profitable) to not merely deceive an audience into a state of suspended disbelief in the asserted and perceived facts with which they are being presented – as #cinema and other forms of myth or narrative have always done – but to bootstrap this accelerating algorithmic sequence back into itself as virtualised audiences and simulated consumer “likes”.

If it ever reveals itself to be substantively possible or commercially feasible to also entirely replace the content consumers with algorithmic AI presence, don’t consider this as impossible – intuition suggests that elements of this iterating process already exist.

Final completion and ontological closure here might consist of entirely virtualising corporations and in this – the birth of an entirely new for of economic life. We should not be so surprised that abstraction or artificial intelligence and associated economic systems of self-propagation might seek to entirely bootstrap themselves into entirely virtual operating systems – this appears to be what life and intelligence has been angling towards for the last several billion years on Earth.

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