Alien Anthropology

Endless Possibility

So, here’s the thing: most people don’t want to wonder about the deep mysteries of existence – not because it takes a lot of effort to disassemble the reality we perceive of as ourselves, as others and the world. Quite the opposite – most of us try to avoid questioning the truth of the reality with which we are presented because it takes very little effort at all to scratch away the surface and see that – not only is there a vast and profound mystery infusing everything we are and do – but that we ourselves are or may be also quite dramatically other than what we first appear.

There is mystery and there is wonder and it is astounding and completely changes your world when you open your mind to it. The universe we live in may (seriously) even be infinite in spatial extent. Think about that for a moment. In an infinite universe, anything that can happen – that is, any configuration of matter and energy including all the possible variations of you, the place where you currently are, your life and the whole history of life on Earth and all variations permissible under the laws of physics including variations in those laws themselves – will occur and will occur an infinite number of times. That is mind-blowing. It is a big, big Universe of endless possibility… and it kind of puts our collective human vanities in their proper place.

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