Why Venture Capital Does Not Deliver

Context: Why venture capital doesn’t build the things we really need The aesthetics of commercial self-interest and valourisation of accelerated profit making (and taking) detached itself some time ago – and in many if not most instances – from the functional utility of providing what is actually needed. The selection mechanisms in place work extremely […]

environment politics

Climate Strike: Which Economy?

I observed a characteristically parochial performance from a politician on the morning news today. The topic of the Global Climate Strike was under analysis and the tired old excuses for workers and schoolchildren not attending the rallies and protests were wobbled around with rhetorical ineptitude. An argument was made for the importance of a strong […]


On Technological Singularity, Digital Abundance and Knowing Everything

In the Brave New World of technologically-facillitated hyper-profits and extravagant digital interconnectivity, most of us are just products and revenue sources. There are only so many seats on the corporate Lear Jet of extreme affluence. The true costs of all of this mad rush into information-abundance and wealth-generation are not being rationally assessed…