Are we free?

Prisoners of choice…

Freedom is a concept we all covet but the truth is we rarely understand or consider anything much more than the simplest of interpretations.

Many of us interpret freedom from external as freedom to make choice.

The choices we make are rarely as free and unaffected as we would prefer to believe.

The world in which we exist provides us a menu of choice that even when the outliers, exceptions or unexpected actions are taken still fall within the recombinatory and probabilistic bounds of all possible choice.

Each new choice or recalibrated configuration of previously-existing concepts, artefacts or systems then creates another, expanded menu of choice.

At every branching point, this dimensional space of possibility expands and hyper-inflates at exponential rates.

We are free within this complex matrix of dimensions but not free to choose the nature of that dimensional space.

So – are we free or not?

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