The world is Perfect Imperfection, but Why?

The broken symmetry of endlessly-extensible logic.

The world is so beautiful and perfect in all the glorious randomness and unexpected symmetry or beauty of it’s flow and form.

Why is it that the perfection of this world deviates in the way it does from simple linearity to recurse itself into hidden patterns of mathematical complexity that displace this symmetry into opaque (or at least not immediately apparent) patterns and forms, dimensions and endlessly-blossoming possibilities?

Is it that this internal expansion and inflating emptiness or purely referential space of ratio, relationship and periodicity is an inevitable consequence of some deep compulsion to systemic extensibility?

Is it that an inverse origami of indefinitely-extensible dimensional spaces can only ever be just such a magnificently endless vista of recombinatory recursion and internal structure?

Is it that there is in fact some core attractor or discontinuity around which all of this complexity revolves?

Is it that in the foundational structure of reality itself, this harmonic sequence could only ever approximate to the subtle architectural dissonance of a minor key and in this provide the caveat and deviation through which life and sentience might emerge?

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