Alien Anthropology

Karma Suture: Sex, Genetics and Deception

The intinctual principle and hormonal drive which propels us toward coupling and copulation is simultaneously the psychological symmetry which compels us to seek unity and wholeness where there is, in fact, none. The last thing that any of us is likely to feel particularly comfortable in acknowledging is that we are all at base the […]


Random Facts: π and Six 9’s

A brief post on a mathematical curiosity. I was introduced to the concept of “six 9’s” very recently. It is a definition of the (extreme) high availability of a system. This can be used to specify or demonstrate the required uptime and availability of, for instance, a computer server or related communications or information processing […]


Succeeding “against the odds” ?

Do we make our own luck or does luck and the blind power of statistical necessity make us?


Random You

We are actually all a lot more random and emotional than we tend to realise.