Decision-making: Ego is the Blind-spot

Choices abound but we constantly, reflexively make the wrong ones…

The single biggest barrier to good decision making is believing that the complexity of our world can be captured in singular lists or taxonomies which are easily communicated and become objects of salience in a landscape of information over-abundance to minds which are struggling to cope with all the noise. There is no one solution, no easily-captured talking points or explanations, no ideological or structural solution – only contingent partial models that are always transient and limited in their ultimate relevance or tenure.

Lists or simple concepts garner attention, they provide cognitive anchors. Assertions of certainty draw minds like naked flames draw moths, it is a reflexive instinct of cognition and language.

The brain is not a machine and the parts and systems of that brain that make it most interesting and differentiate it from the implicitly-limited logic and algorithmic incompleteness of a machine are those places or systems and information theoretic symmetries that sit solidly, and mischievously, outside the limits of logic, language and rational cognition.

Intelligence is an emergent and globally-distributed property, brute-forcing competency (as we all do) by caricatured simplicities entirely misses the point.

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