Meaningless Vehicles?

Self control is mastered by just letting go…

We assert aspirations to self-control, to self-determination and free will through the multiplicity of options and variables or combinatorial dimensions and degrees of freedom available to us but even as we assert control, it slips away.

There are logical enigmas in rationality, in psychology and in the effervescent, autonomously self-propagating information systems that we inhabit (and that – equally – inhabit us) and one of the greatest of these is our shared and endemic ineptitude when it comes to managing complexity.

Each component, each assertion of identity or difference and control or aggregate intelligibility – it becomes yet another degree of freedom, another channel and contour of entropy and dissociative psychological (and, to be honest, corollary ideological) confusion and diffusion.

There is no solution. That is the solution. There is no unity. That is the unity and in that twilight mischief of logical uncertainty we might actually discover that we have been going about this whole process of control and freedom in completely inappropriate ways.

Every taxonomy and list of aspirational certainty is more psychological reflex than accurate representation of the actual inordinately complex realities we inhabit.

Our lives are subtle and beautiful, we should stop treating them as though they were furniture or meaningless vehicles.

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