There is only one Problem

The negative space of a torus possesses the same topological profile as the torus – it has one hole and is by it looped back upon itself. What is the unity of Thing and Nothing?

There is really only one problem.

It is the problem of Everything, all at once.

Every different problem we seem to experience, every difficulty from broken door handle to Global pandemic or from from optimal social organisation to climate change – there is only one thing that we need to understand to solve them all and it is the essential problem of understanding Everything, simultaneously.

Omniscience has its own peculiar and unique set of problems, not least that in order assume every possible perspective of every possible past, present or future state of this or any other world – the viewing Self has to become infinitely diffuse.

Infinitely diffuse things do not exist, or rather – their #existence is of a class of entities that is indistinguishable from that which does not exist, a little like identifying the corner on an infinite-sided polygon – where does it exist?

Both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, like the discontinuity in the twisted Möbius strip that provides it a unique topological profile.

More interesting than this is that not only is the approach to this problem distributed across the entire surface or state space and aggregate composite or configuration set of all possible worlds, the explanation and concept is itself a member of the class of entities which fall under its inspection and for this reason exists as a profoundly mischievous non-entity.

The solution to the Problem of the world is indistinguishable from the Problem of the world.

Welcome to my world.

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