There is only one Problem

There is really only one problem. It is the problem of Everything, all at once. Every different problem we seem to experience, every difficulty from broken door handle to Global pandemic or from from optimal social organisation to climate change – there is only one thing that we need to understand to solve them all […]

Philosophy Science

How free would we all be if there was no ultimate truth?

I just read an interesting (partial) article/concept/book on life, the universe and everything from biologist Robert Lanza: “Biocentrism: A New Theory of the Universe“. I am not entirely convinced that the author is not just substituting one mystery and suite of questions with another. For instance – the role of the conscious observer in “creating” […]

Organisation politics systems

Disassembling Global Order

We can’t have peace because we are unable to precisely and concisely define and sustain the conditions of assurance, continuity and coherence which could provide that peace within a contemporary, shared conceptual framework…