Success: The Game Plays You

Art by Tatsuya Tanaka

What we all generally fail to realise is that even while it is true that any one of us can never hope to achieve anything without sustained effort, the extent to which each and every one of us is subject to the blind and unknowing clockwork patterns and algorithmic necessities of mathematical probability and (an underlying) logic of probability means that success is much more a matter of luck than any one of us will ever willingly concede.

Observing that there are putative winners in any arbitrarily-defined context, it is of course a matter of reflexive psychological necessity that we might see ourselves in the starring role and even when as a matter of insecurity or misapprehension we might choose to see ourselves in one of the many supporting roles or as bit-players in this shared narrative, there is an overall sense or meaning and intelligible order to these things.

Where we assume that we are the players that define the validity and value of this game is that imaginary place in which a limited cognitive and conceptual vocabulary that we inhabit, as individuals or by extended individuality of a half-mirrored tribal identity that we are naturally-inclined towards, masks a more profound a difficult fact and truth.

We do not play these games of life and love or money and survival anywhere near so much as these games play us.

Individuals, tribes, nations and civilisations are the transmission medium for a logic and autonomously self-propagating information pattern that blindly finds its own optimal methods of sustainable continuity by deceiving us into thinking that we are playing this game.

Find an explanation, any explanation or ideological attachment and make your contingent meanings and value or ethical matrices there but never, ever think that it is not in fact this game that plays you.

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