The Stupid Bomb: Choice, Entropy, Oblivion

It is entirely up to you to find the meaning that may be located here.

There is always a choice.

No matter what we do, there is always a choice.

It is in general a wonderful thing to be able to choose and even when we do not necessarily possess (or need) any control over the spectrum and menu of choices available, it remains a fact that we would rather have this freedom to choose, that we would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

So, we choose.

This sandwich, that drink, those shoes, that music, this car, that friend, these belief, those jobs, that partner, this life.

Even choosing not to choose and to dispassionately, passively consume the choices of others is always an option.

Finding ourselves in an at first slowly moving current we are initially quite blissfully unaware of the overall flow and pattern of choice, of culture or history.

As the current starts to accelerate, it takes less effort to go along with it, to be swept along and in every aquiescence, every surrender to the zeitgeist energy of superficiality or diminishing attention spans and unthinking belief, to keep swimming or surfing or being passively drawn along with everyone else in a giddy excitement of tribal exhilaration.

As the flow grows faster we start to perceive the overall shape and spiral form of the information systems and choices or self-propagating energy shockwaves of human civilisation and technological complexity.

We are all being inexorably drawn towards a destiny that shapes us more than we ever shape it and all of our thoughts, our actions and choices only ever accelerate this race through and towards an entropy, complexity and singularity beyond any of our capacities to comprehend.

Every choice takes us closer to a shared oblivion.

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