Honeymoon Sunsets…

…and when we look back upon the arc and trajectory of our lives, what is it that we hope we might see?

Memory is not any more reliable than is our hopes for an unambiguous future and while we might assert most probable causes (or consequences) from the evidence and experience immediately (or most recently) available to us – most of it is only really wishful thinking, intangible dream and the half-mirrored surface of our own desires and those often masked or unacknowledged emotional needs.

What, then, will be our shared view in the rear-view mirror of memory, of a history that inhabits us just as much as we inhabit it, what will we see or understand as our actual once-lived contours of life and love and all this wonderful, glorious, unexpected impossibility that is the unbounded sentience and experience of human being?

It is not so important that we remember this (or any other) journey in detail as it is that we actually enjoy it for if we ever might extract any meaning from all of this improbable existence we share in what seems to be an utterly vast and unknowing or meaningless Cosmos, it is that beings of happiness and loving, selfless compassion were the most important things we (all) ever could be.

We do not need remembering or memory and interpretation or ordered schedules of knowledge and control anywhere near so much as we, quite simply, need each other.

We do not require memory, we need experience and in looking back we need only know that it was good.

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