Reflection on Meaning

Meaning is an associative property. We define terms in reference to other terms and then those definitions tend by a trick of the (circularly recursive or holographic) light to assume standalone substance and significance but at the base there is nothing, no foundation or ontological anchor upon which to secure our languages, our selves and worlds.

So, we end up inhabiting this twilight zone and gestalt uncertainty of probable meanings, probable intents and possible consequences and all of the turbulence and dissonant entropy or dissociative, competitive and adversarial confusion of culture and communication there generated becomes an expanding and hyper-inflating referential space without direction, purpose or ground truths.

We are not the bearers of meaning, we are the transmission medium through which it – and all other linguistic or logical complexity – passes.

Our selves are the ontological blind-spots that we mistake (like words) for clarity or substance and, in acquiring these selves from the language of memory and shared cognitive or behavioural grammars of experience, we become lost – again – in an expanding labyrinth of words that we do not inhabit anywhere near so much as it inhabits us.

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