Do Celebrities Live More Meaningful Lives?

Spoiler: no, their lives are not any more significant than anyone else’s. Meaning is a matter of agreement, convention and transient relevance and if anything – we build grand edifices of attention around these people which are almost exclusively hollow and fictional.

The question is surely as to a definition of meaning. As Russell remarked in “Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy”, all definitions are made in terms of other definitions – ergo and by way of endemic circularity there is no anchor or Archimedes Point upon which to hang notions of a “most meaningful” life. All meaning is by convention – the apparent rarity of life in the Cosmos suggests that even the most spectacularly mundane existence is utterly novel and unexpected in the grander scheme of things. Celebrities are merely flotsam on the autonomously self-propagating, rippling patterns of information and energy we recognise as history. They ain’t, as it goes, “all that”.

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