Thin Masks of Self-Deception

The world recreates the mirror of itself through all our conversations and desires – we are the reflective surface through which the patterns flow but we do not own them.

A different perspective: we are not the actors here – the performers, the customers, the managers or the investors and participants in a system of business and profit extraction or desire and thinly-masked self-gratification. We are the transmission medium for patterns of socioeconomy, communication and identity – the shimmering, rippling, effervescent and sparkling complexity which flows through us, as us and in our naive innocence we assume it belongs to us, but it does not – we belong to it.

The greatest trick and mischief of this world is to convince us (to convince ourselves) that we are in control. The best we can do, in fact – our only winning strategy, is to shape and influence the form and flow of this pattern. It is quicksilver and the more we try to control it, the less control we ultimately obtain.

The world is simply a game that plays itself through us and in mistaking ourselves for being true causal agents in this game, we are really engaging in what the world of psychology and communication essentially is: the recursive encoding and replication of the process of recursive self-replication itself. There is so much complexity here but the underlying symmetry and topology is quite simple.

The act of speech and linguistic or narrative self-determination is not an act of ownership, it is an act of acquiescence and inadvertent submission to that pattern of structured or complex self-replication that passes like an abstract or logical shockwave through all of us, as us and which only ever provides superficial psychological or existential closure. We ourselves are the unwitting blindspot in any system of cultural or hyper-extended cognition of technology, an ontological or referential shadow of sophisticated emptiness and distributed vacuum of nodal self-identity that comes into being through words and communication but which is itself only the bearer of that message as a useful void.

Language and symbolic communication is how we psychologically and culturally self-define and even while we might possess insight sufficient to determine the effectively endless and indefinite logical extensibility of this hyper-inflating referential spaces we inhabit – and that, equally, inhabit us – we rarely pause to consider the mischievous gestalt and labyrinthine network that flows around and through us. The world is a game that plays itself – through us – and at every opportunity to assert a natural form and geometric abbreviation, bootstraps itself into higher-dimensional complexity. The most efficient and effective method or autonomous strategy of information system self-propagation is to prime the transmission medium for an endemic bias towards this copying and this is precisely what and who we each are – the productive, unwitting messengers of a system that we could never really own but in all our narcissistic self-obsession believe ourselves to be at the center, not as mere ripples or transient accessories on the periphery as we really are.

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