War and Peace

There is an irreducible enigma in the aspiration to peace through structured, ordered methods. Every structure, system, taxonomy, ontology and patterned application of rationality or logic to complex problems always (ALWAYS) becomes another component in the hyper-inflating, combinatorial reference space of the problem that is being addressed – in language, law or perception. Each new system or policy and structural approach is only ever a transient solution as it can only ever provide more degrees of systemic freedom and entropy through which the gestalt, Global system is then able to travel.

The more functionally or structurally complicated a solution – and notwithstanding that an endemic threshold of complexity is itself in many cases irreducible – the higher the probability of structural, geopolitical or socioeconomic diffusion into disorder.

Those countries that seek advantage from the endemic entropy and amorphous chaos of these complex contexts and conflicts are extracting value from turbulence in ways which benefit them more if they promote or shape that disorder in useful ways. It becomes easier to drift into conflict than to brute force peace, however, there always remain plausible alternatives here.

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