Femme Fatale

The “femme fatale”, a dangerous, panther-like beauty in which all of man’s desires and fears are realised in one gorgeous, dark and explosive bundle of alluring seduction and imminent volcano-like fury. This is the fantasy of woman upon which an unwitting, gullible and endlessly-amorous male identity anchors itself – in language, image, technology, culture and interpersonal relationships. It is a delicate, fragile balance and symmetry between that which man desires and that which he knows is dangerous to him, that fertile symbolic space of predator and prey in which man believes himself predator but is always aware at some level that he is in fact prey and this – in essence – is the source of endless fascination and seductive fantasy in men’s imaginations. Men love what they know that if they were to ever fully attain would extinguish them and that is one dimension of the unobscured unconscious core of gender relations.

This is an epistemological symmetry here that is not isolated to psychology, cognition or gender dynamics but is often more intuitively understood there. The patterns and symbolic poetry of psychological and gender dynamics are really none other than the human manifestation of foundational complex symmetries and logical symmetries that occur quite ubiquitously in physics and biology. It is only in our lived experience that these symbolic worlds that they seem quite natural and unsurprising as an experience of manifest interpersonality. Culture, art and communication is deeply infused with the psychological consequences and recurring idioms of complex systems symmetry.

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