Pandemic Metamorphosis

Out of sorrows, new life.

Pandemic metamorphosis is upon us all and among all the darkness and tragedy there will be new life.

Patterns of behaviour carry us, much as does language, in many ways much more than we could ever carry, possess or assert control over them and regardless of these fragile egos we are all compelled (as Subjects created in, through and as behavioural or linguistic grammars) to carry around like fashion accessories and existential stigmata. These behavioural systems are in flux, in the sense that they are teetering on the edge of a phase transition to a new configuration – perhaps always being in this state of imminent metamorphosis but undergoing more profound system transition as a consequence of the self-evident gravity of our situation.

I doubt that effective interdictions exist, this whole pandemic experience has been unsurprisingly traumatic for everyone. Social systems are self-healing networks. It is worth noting that the forms of life and socioeconomic being that existed before the pandemic were, beyond relative stability, always and already undergoing dramatic and relentless micro-transitions.

New macrostates will find their own best self-organisational patterning quite autonomously. Those states and patterns or forms and ways of life will likely be as finely-tuned to unproductive teleologies as were their precedents.

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