Meaning does not reside in symbols…

Native American whale sculpture.

The general assertion of significance and meaning as belonging to symbols (of Self, of nation, of Other, of flag or tribal, ideological and cultural association) is a direct and inverse consequence of a foundationally incomplete psychological identity; itself being little more than the symbolic or communications system and technological hyper-extension of a general principle of cognitive ambiguity.

Meaning itself lives in the distributed network of interdependent information relationships that orbit in our minds and material, cultural and technological grammars, as swarms around symbols, signs, concepts, artefacts that live in a delicate suspension of purely virtualise cultural, cognitive and communications system information storage.

Projecting meaning upon symbols as being anything other than a symptom of the profoundly distributed and decentralised, endlessly-adaptive and recursively self-propagating information matrix that it is – we generate a fertile confusion, entropy and turbulence which through broken symmetries of meaning and identity reproduces both our world and the usefully-hollow selves that populate it.

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