Coronavirus Pandemic effects on the Internet and Virtualisation

During this shared Global challenge that is the COVID-19 pandemic and now – much more than ever before – the internet is our critical information lifeline and tether to the world.  How well is the internet coping with such a sudden and massive hyper-inflation of demand? The internet of popular imagination is an omnipresent amorphous […]

systems technology

Cybersecurity’s Unacknowledged Truth

The whole cybersecurity enterprise seems to be built upon a suite of psychological and culturally-reflexive assumptions that assert that there exists even a possibility of logical or systemic closure. No such closure or completion is possible and this is rarely acknowledged.


The Emptiness

There may be something tragically inevitable in the procedural hollowing-out of social lives in an era of accelerating and technologically-mediated hyper-connectivity.


Degrees of Complexity

Defining measures of complexity itself proves to be complex…