Peace, Dissonance, Complexity

The literal production of a threshold layer of dissonance and difference.

Difference and dissonance is neither intrinsically good or bad. It is endemic to information system self-replication and information systems are autonomously oriented towards the reproduction of a threshold level of “noise” or turbulence through which to optimally ensure resilience and continuity – this is how emergence manages to NOT produce the same things but represents an indefinitely-extensible logical potential. Each island of kindness and nuanced thoughtfulness can only really be what it is (in a complex systems sense) by outsourcing its semantic or generalised information waste-entropy to an environment. Disagreement and competition on a spectrum towards adversarialism and conflict is irreducible, but can be plausibly shaped and influenced in positive ways.

There ARE ways out of this tesseract but when psychologically self-reflexive identity construction is so intimately bound to and inflated by notions of difference, solutions always and already find themselves interdicted by cognitive, cultural and institutional assertions of self-replicating continuity, conservative convention. How to repair systems that either don’t want to be fixed (human agency) or that optimally self-replicate by, through and as this difference?

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