Information Wildfire

Viewed in gestalt from a holistic perspective, information systems are naturally predisposed to moving through the combinatorial possibility-spaces of entropy into dissonant states. The question is as to whether that dissonance represents a literal sociopolitical or interpersonal turbulence and concrete representation of lost and unrecoverable (i.e. adversarial, belligerently futile) information or energy-processing potential, OR, if this information entropy and salience of unexpected or unknown and novel patterning is one of innovation, creativity and open-systems potential.

Janus-like, what is on one side a dissonant disorder and antithetical antipathy is on the other side the fertile possibility of creativity and growth. Information systems themselves are generally autonomous, spontaneously-emergent complex phenomena upon which we ourselves (cognitively and culturally) surf, these systems tend to develop their own abstract internal self-representations and patterned flows of optimally-concise information and energy-processing system self-replication. Complex communication systems nurture the transmission medium through which they most effectively and efficiently self-replicate, priming their context for maximal reproduction.

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