Psychoanalysis is incomplete…

Psychoanalysis can be compelling but it is not necessarily or entirely true. Nothing interesting is ever completely true and this is what makes things more useful (and interesting) than they would otherwise be. Specifically, there will always exist unprovable truths and this itself (!) has been logically proven (Gödel, 1931). It is precisely in our assertions and aspirations to knowledge and control (or power) that we guarantee that we will never (fully) attain any of these things. So, accept the implicit limitation and enigma of knowledge first, and then you can proceed. This itself is a subtle point which you will recognise again and again in my writing. Do not get caught up on the specific instance of any concept as logic, mental abstraction, cultural symbolism, gender-relationships and power structures; try to perceive the deeper (underlying) patterns of which each instance is merely a transient characterisation, a symptom. Which leads us to the concept of symmetry…

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