Policy trumps biodiversity, again.

Love over gold? Not here, not now…

On discovering that the Government of my country is putting policy (and thus ideology) before environment and refusing to sign a leader’s pledge on biodiversity:

Australia joins US, China and Russia in refusing to sign leaders’ pledge on biodiversity

 The sophistication required here is at a level of complexity that almost entirely invalidates existing (institutional) logical frameworks and assumptions. The sophisticated (and quite simply obligatory) levelling-up of organisational complexity and long-term socioeconomic planning sits outside political cycles and the self-validating cognitive and cultural assumptions of the referenced institutional logic, ergo: it is not merely that they can not see a more effective or complex “whole systems” solution, but from within the complex tautologies they inhabit, it is unintelligible.
There is something implicit about large-scale human organisational systems that leads to the ascendancy of median intellects and neurotic, paranoiac, self-interested myopia(s). Ideological systems are abstract, symbolic structures that are entirely encompassed by the environmental contexts and consequences they inhabit but which aspirationally dissociate themselves from their own (irreducible) dependencies at every opportunity. Their optimal state is of clockwork structural and functional self-replication and that is a problem that without challenge or effective decomposition locks in far greater costs than they are currently seeking to avoid.

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