Science and Logic versus Belief and Climate Change Denial: Duelling Uncertainties?

Context: ‘God intended it as a disposable planet’: meet the US pastor preaching climate change denial

Notice how the frame of reference represented by this (or for that matter – any) belief system is so easily detached from the reality and unassailable facts upon which it actually and constitutively depends for sustainable continuity and existence. Systems of belief interpreted as information systems and artefacts act as self-propagating logical entities moving across, through and as the distributed transmission mediums of cognition and culture.

What does that mean? The belief system itself is detached (in this way and in this instance) from reality because all systems of belief are in essence circularly-tautological matrices of complex self-reference, without ultimate foundation or certainty. These systems are moving frames of reference that, from within the axioms and assumptions they hold, are able to define and self-validate truths – regardless of divergence from demonstrable facts – as those “truths” are entirely, matryoshka doll-like, self-inflected.

These kinds of logical fallibilities are implicit to logic and science, as well, but it doesn’t deny them. That is the key difference between worldviews here. One asserts infallible truth, the other does not and, ironically, that which does not most closely approximates to it.

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