Is Authoritarianism a form of Mental Illness?

Context: Oakland, Portland sue over use of federal agents at protests

A generally irreducible property of pathological ideologies, context and partisan-agnostic – in as much as any assertion can ever now be, is that they work industriously (and just as often unconsciously) towards the recreation of the circumstances that validate their insecurity and the actions taken on behalf of it.

This is a broad principle – observe any (and all) authoritarian or otherwise uncompromising geopolitical assertion of power or territorial aggression; the expansive overreach and projection of control or violence is always, always, a necessary precondition for the cultivation of a perception of threat or insecurity which, from within the limited and tautological – effectively fictional – framework of truth or justification they inhabit, validates their actions.

It is evidence of an essentially paranoiac neurosis, tending towards (psycho)pathology where its representations and actions become almost entirely detached and dissociated from facts or reality. It creates the reality it needs to self-validate and maintain the suspension of disbelief in its own essentially fictional and false self-identity. Ergo – assertions of insecurity recursively create, directly or indirectly, the insecurity they posit.

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