Therapeutic Psychedelics

Context: Psychedelic Therapy Is Poised To Create A Revolution In Mental Health, Can VR Accelerate It? It is worth noting, also, that in traditional cultural – often shamanic – contexts these chemicals were used in reference frame of religious or spiritual engagement that positively shaped the perceptions and experiences of those who took them. Beyond […]


Is Authoritarianism a form of Mental Illness?

Context: Oakland, Portland sue over use of federal agents at protests A generally irreducible property of pathological ideologies, context and partisan-agnostic – in as much as any assertion can ever now be, is that they work industriously (and just as often unconsciously) towards the recreation of the circumstances that validate their insecurity and the actions […]


Minds: Individual and Collective

Have you ever considered that the myriad sorrows and insecurities we all share are really not ours at all?