2020 US Election: Democratic Entropy

We might all be quite surprised to one day discover that dissonance and entropy are irreducible properties of systems of social organisation, that the sustainable continuity of any socio-political (or economic) system is only ever really a measure of the extent to which it successfully negotiates this internal dissonance and/or offsets and displaces it as entropy to an environment, and that the chaotic game of information conflict and ideological or political narrative is one in which definitions (and experiences) of difference are tokens of insecurity that prime entire nations (if not Global civilisation) as a transmission medium for the self-replication of these systems of ideas that inhabit us every bit as much as we inhabit them.

Observing the current accelerated diffusion of order into meaningless noise and futile disagreement, it is almost possible to suggest that we are witnessing a complex system undergoing phase transition to a new state or configuration. Our greatest error would be to assume that such a transition is isolated to one nation – these kinds of historical transitions may instance locally but are generally and profoundly Global in character.

Hate is, in any case and much like anger, just fear wearing a mask.

A very American moment, but also – and in essence – a very human one.

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