The Hollow Men: Global Institutional Failures

The questions being asked and the problems being solved across government, industry and the community are almost entirely superficial and beyond the general effervescence of hype and rapidly-fading excitement or media and popular interest, the institutional processes and behavioural practices we inhabit have become self-validating rationales. We do not possess any such thing as a […]


2020 US Election: Democratic Entropy

We might all be quite surprised to one day discover that dissonance and entropy are irreducible properties of systems of social organisation, that the sustainable continuity of any socio-political (or economic) system is only ever really a measure of the extent to which it successfully negotiates this internal dissonance and/or offsets and displaces it as […]

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On Flightless Birds

…the more that entrenched camps set themselves up against one another in an unending battle to get one over on the opposition, the less we actually coordinate and focus on the root causes of the problems which divide us in the first place…