Some flowers I spotted yesterday.
They had an amazing, sweet natural perfume.

There is (perhaps) no greater dream than to for once and for all just extract and abstract ourselves from the source of all our worries, the need to work or to perform any other task which we can as intelligent people quite easily and rapidly identify as being fairly meaningless in the bigger picture of history or of our lives. It is not as though we could ever jump out of our own minds and bodies and solve all our problems at once; even someone who wins a lottery has found new problems with which to replace their old ones; such new degrees of freedom can be a burden at times. There is always a cost that we never truly or completely diminish in or as the set of all troubles in our world, but merely displace them from one place to another. Acknowledging this may just be an aperture of opportunity through which we glimpse the elusive freedom we are all seeking.

The useful truth here is – learn from your work, your various tasks and hardships and see what benefit or insights you might derive about the world, about people’s minds or belief systems and about your own self. Learn what it is that people value and observe the generally absurd and incompetent ways they seek to obtain it; if not only to find philosophical consolation in the relentless comic futility of so many fools but also to acquire an intuition to be able to immediately identify the dark souls and lost causes when you encounter them, as we all inevitably must.

There is always a cost – in time and energy or personal fatigue but the clever mind will always (even if unconsciously) aspire to perceive not just the superficial or common and fictional belief systems within which they find themselves, but they will seek the underlying reasons, causes and patterns of their world.

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