It is complex, subtle and altogether too
obvious to ever be directly identified

The world and everything in it constitutes a single, unified and mischievously indefinable information and energy-processing system. This is in essence a computational system but is distinguished from computers by the fact that it does not possess quite the same properties of mechanical or algorithmic and rules-based limitation that a computer demonstrates (as both weakness and strength). There is in the essential function, flow and form of this unified and autonomously self-propagating information system a mysterious discontinuity and logical enigma that succeeds in acquiring a quality of logical self-containment that our machines, our languages and all our technologies of cognitive hyper-extension are quite dramatically unable to obtain and can only ever asymptotically approach.

The beautiful mischief here is not merely that the logical, systemic and organisational self-containment we seek is irreducibly unattainable from within the ordered and symbolic systems we construct to attempt to summit the complex problem space that we ourselves have only really quite recently recognised in the mirror of our own compound failings. The truly wonderful sleight-of-hand that the world plays upon, through and as us is that the foundationally incomplete and indefinitely-extensible logical, material and cognitive matrices we inhabit always and already gesture towards the answer to our problems that sits, quite unobscured and altogether too obvious to be transparently identified, hidden in plain sight.

The unknown that lies beyond knowledge or measurement in the metaphysical or future states of possibility (as much as perhaps in memory or our composite pasts) is both indistinguishable from and identical to the logical enigmas of self-reference and recombinatory recursive creativity that infuse all logic, mathematics, physics and sentience with and as a vacuum. The unity of systems (and selves) is indistinguishable from an absence that simultaneously provides a vessel, a momentum and a transmission medium for all this glorious complexity.

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