Freedom is as freedom does.

You can neither give nor take freedom from someone else in any profound, enduring or ultimate and Universal sense – they always and already possess it and no matter how much you rationalise or embellish it with words and reasons or project ethical, ideological and behavioural grammars upon it or as it, the underlying fact is that freedom – just as does peace or happiness and unity – exists in a way that can never, ever be fully defined and this is its essential and unbounded beauty.

Freedom exists as a member of a class of entities which exist far – many orders of orders of magnitude, in as much as quantitative reference even makes sense here – beyond the most trivial or hopelessly convoluted logical tautologies and assertions which regularly claim ascendancy in this context.

That is, freedom is indistinguishable from nothing at all and while there are many interesting logical  and philosophical reasons for asserting such a proposition, freedom and a genuine experience of authentic peace are fundamentally, foundationally and almost entirely counter-intuitively beyond definition or, indeed, those hallowed boundaries through which we cultivate any concept of self or tribe and nation that might ever be considered as free.

Notice carefully that it is those who assert privileged knowledge regarding peace and truth or freedom that rarely, if ever, provide it; my contention is that you can neither give nor remove a thing which is constitutively unprovable.

I offered someone this kind of freedom recently and even though it probably felt like nothing much at all, I think they actually understood that silence (in this sense) sings of sincerity, truth and compassion.

Freedom is, and after all, just another word for life and love.

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