Know Thyself

…and in knowing, in that endlessly self-inflected and hyper-inflating abstract space of iteratively refined and asymptotically unresolvable logical evolution that knowing, intelligence and material complexity are all aspects or dimensions and vectors of – we surely embody whatever plausible unifying and Universal principle exists as would ever be sufficient to generate this Cosmos, this life, awareness and experience we inhabit, contemplate and cling to.

In knowing, all knowledge is self-knowledge; in existing, all experience is of self – it’s really a matter of how (and why) we choose to frame or explain this Self, simultaneously as this cosmological Other. There is at base a foundational and intractably creative dissonance here, as though an irreducible ontological (and, indeed, topological) systemic discontinuity. Think of Cantor’s Diagonal method – having determined a vast collection of entities, artefacts, systems – there is no recombinatory end to the useful ways we can subsequently extend this multitude. This indefinitely-extensible cornucopia of things is what intelligence, life, physics is and does, without end.

Deeper things: the unity and unification of all systems of systems is indistinguishable from a void.

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