Saturday Morning Enigma: Language

Everything is introspection.

Few seem to be aware that the primary transmission medium of communication as hyper-extended technological overreach embodied in language and various, diverse encoding systems is (and are) foundationally and intractably unable to provide that closure and certainty that we are (yet) able to emulate or simulate from inside it. This is the source of a deep and unresolvable existential mystery that we are for the most partvquite unable (or unwilling) to perceive. So, we paddle around in the logical shallows – constructing systems, theories and organisational frameworks of varying aptitude and efficacy, multiplying and amplifying all the cross-referential components and complex tautologies with which we aspire to unproblematically inscribe meaning upon the world but never, not even once, stop and consider that the meanings, the aggregate burden of unmanageable social or economic and industrial disorder, the whole system is not projected upon any other, external or exterior and objectively, reflexively self-validating truth or reality – it is only anchored, attached and lashed to itself.

Everything is introspection and this realisation envelops cosmological facts as much as cultural or psychological ones – there is no outside. Language is, as I often reflect, poorly-equipped to intelligibly render these things for substantive comprehension or any kind of even transient closure but what it can do quite well is to indicate the general shape of a logical blindspot and enigma that we can never directly know. This provides profound utility, if only you learn correctly how not to look at it.

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