Unbreaking the World

Context: Scientist: Extent of DDT dumping in Pacific is ‘staggering’

As a species and (such as it is) a Global civilisation, we surf on the breaking waves of short term advantage while incessantly displacing cost and complexity into the future as “someone else’s problem”. In contexts such as this instance of toxic envenomation of an ocean floor, the outright moral and criminal depravity of an action is transparent in retrospect but in fact (and also) represents a specific instance of a general principle.

Systemic dissonance and diffusion is in many ways irreducible. Things break, waste accumulates and problems proliferate; cybersecurity -saliently and for instance – being only the latest (emergent) labyrinth in a litany of inadequately-considered and poorly-understood risks.

Questions might be asked as of the extent to which large scale (national, civilisation-level) management of entropy and combinatorial complexity is our primary shared challenge. Is the (literal) pooling of waste and unmanageable disorder a necessary function of the production and cultivation of structure, of growth and of iterative, procedural technological development? Beyond asserting individual responsibilities and attribution of wrongdoing, we might have to revisit some of our core assu

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