We are not who we think we are…

Do we choose the options from which we choose?

If it is true, as I currently believe, that language manifests or instances an adaptive and emergently complex holistic structure that partially pre-processes (and stores, distributed for resilience and redundancy against loss that) information, the question of cognition-as-ordered-thought becomes one of just how much of our choices and self-determination is outsourced or displaced to the integrated information communications system that we use to think and to structure comprehension?

Might we be so surprised to discover that much of what we consider to be assertions and affirmations of Self are really only – and even in exceptional, edge cases – the presence of probabilistic contours and bundles or clusters of most likely behaviour and information patterning?

How much of ourselves is, in fact, ourselves and in what sense or to what extent is even this thought (and your mental processing or comprehension of it) simply a matter of statistical inevitability?

We are, it seems, not at all who we think we are.

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