What the World Needs Now

There is nothing so simultaneously intangible and yet visceral, concrete and consequential as unbounded, unselfish compassion. Every step and gesture or word oriented towards hate and war is a failure and yet finds itself masked with a purpose, self-determination and simplistic caricature of meaning that draws us all along quite unwittingly towards our own destruction.

There are discernible reasons for this orientation towards discontinuity and decay or wilful destruction but in many ways an explanation is not at all what we need and might only ever inadvertently amplify a fear and insecurity which obtains its terminal apotheosis in war and death. Defining the specific, shared and persistent errors of thought and associated illusions or misapprehensions of belief that lead to cultures of aggression is as simple as it is futile. It only ever creates more complexity and structural tension which slides us even faster through entropy and confusion into arguments over interpretation and meaning and this argument is itself a core problem of humanity.

If I could give the world one thing to make it a better place, I would give the world Love.

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