Dark Star

It’s true that evolution proceeds iteratively and adds layer upon layer of complex utility to bodies, brains and to the disembodied behavioural systems recorded in and as culture or language and technology. Notice, however, that there is a certain threshold of confirmation and communication complexity at which entire nations, civilisations find themselves reverting to baser desires and fears.

It is as though the cumulative weight of social and technological progress reaches a point at which it collapses back down and away from all the sophisticated triumphs and enlightened treasure of the sparkling intelligence our neocortex brings, down into serpentine or reptilian urges of gnashing teeth and fearful aggression. This is where we (all) find ourselves right now – teetering on the brink of self-extinction, overwhelmed by the visceral embodiment of animal anger and insecurity manifest as expansionist imperialism, conflict and all associated authoritarian myth-making.

It is a form of retrograde evolution in mind or intellect, even while technology accelerates – our world actively and wilfully disassembles itself. Perhaps there is some kind of inevitability to this and all technological civilisations eventually encounter the logical limits of their own sustainable complexity as though they are collapsing stars.

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