Nothing lasts forever…

…indeed, and only nothing lasts forever. That the most interesting and authentically valuable things in life – peace, freedom, love, (true) beauty and wisdom – might actually only ever be possible in ways that make them indistinguishable from nothing is a fact for which my many thousand of potential words and philosophical affectations can provide no assistance.

The unifying principle in (and of) this Cosmos is a combinatorial discontinuity that manifests as the presence of absence. This is something you need to intuitively feel, it will always and necessarily sit outside and beyond language as ordered cognition.

The unknowable is only ever indirectly accessible and if you seek it, you never find it but then again, not finding that which does not (or which is indistinguishable from what does not) exist is equivalent to finding it. This is why (and how) you already possess Universal truth.

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