Meaning, Belief, Enigma

It’s a kind of music…

Meaninglessness is really (and surely) just a matter of perspective and of degree, as is meaning. I am never so sure that we wrap our brains around science (or technology, let alone tribal belief) quite so much as it wraps its own internal logic and indefinitely-extensible necessity around us such that we embody the transmission medium of information-encoding self-propagation as extended viral phenotype.

All systems of belief (and, curiously, of demonstrable, observable fact) are effectively and irretrievably anchored as recursive tautologies and introspective logical word-games back upon themselves and this is the real mystery here: two positions as reflexive artefacts or systems and entities of binary difference by and through which information (as much as self-determination or identity) is defined. Two antipodes that self-referentially “contain” each other, a function of antithesis, yet both mirrored and unified in and as a single autocatalytic system that contains itself. Meaning and meaninglessness – fascinating; as for the hard facts of the world, they might not be half as hard if a little more wisdom and thoughtful reflection was given free reign.

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